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Get to Know Me

Me In a Nutshell...

I get it.  No, I really do. 

Wife, mom, business builder trying to balance it all without adding guilt to my plate when it doesn’t all fall into place.

You see, I left my job with the City when my son was diagnosed with Asperger’s. I chose to leave my 9-5 so we could homeschool and focus on therapy.

 I know how lucky I was to be in that position. My husband was able to cover everything and I had a little residual income coming in from my Young Living business. 
(Yes, I do an MLM and I love it)

However, I was feeling called to do more. Which is how Beautiful Blissful Chaos, LLC came together.  As I worked with my team I also realized I had a passion for all things lifestyle and building a community where everyone felt they had a space.  A place to talk motherhood, wellness, beauty, life in general without judgement.

Not only did I love building this community but I realized I had a passion for teaching Instagram to other entrepreneurs.

So I hope you stick around so I am able to help you along the way, and even provide a few laughs.  I mean, lets be real…I never said I do it gracefully 😉 

Me in a nutshell: 
*I am a Homeschooling Southern Mama *Essential Oil “Dealer”
*Military Wifey 
*Wine & Beer Are Must-Haves 
*Cat Lady 
*Autism Advocate
*Boss-lady Empire Builder
*Dream Chaser 
*What ya see is what ya get

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