About Me

I am an oil-loving mama who’s taking care of everyday life and building a business without compromising one over the other. I don’t want to sacrifice the fact we can wear multiple hats as women “Who want to do it all.”

Have you seen the movie “Bad Moms”? That’s me.  Just because I like to simplify my life to make things easier with “hacks”, doesn’t mean I am a terrible mom.

Where my passion lays is in helping others find their voice in understanding the basics of branding.  Showing them the impact it can have as a tool on Instagram to stand out IN the sea of others.

Me in a nutshell:
*I am a Homeschooling Southern Mama & Essential Oil “Dealer”
*Military Wifey *Coffee & Wine Are Must-Haves *Cat Lady *Autism Advocate
*Bosslady Empire Builder
*Dream Chaser *What ya see is what ya get

If this resonates with you, welcome to the BBC Insiders.  Even if it doesn’t, welcome anyway!

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