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60 Minute Instagram Strategy Call

With 1 BILLION users logging onto Instagram monthly, are you ready to find your ideal clients? Ready to turn strangers into RAVING fans?

 I’m going to be straight up with you. Not having a strategy and tossing random content hoping people hit the “follow” button doesn’t work. You are putting in time that is not converting…and lets by real… your time is valuable! There’s a reason Social Media Managers charge you and arm and a leg every month they maintain your account. 

What most Instagram users don’t realize; there are multiple strategic elements that when combined can explode your growth and engagement. I know the secrets and you are about to as well. 



Spend 60 minutes on a Zoom Call with me going over all the basics of setting up for a successful profile.  Bio writing, caption formatting, hashtags, etc…
You will have the ability to ask questions specific to your account and come up with a strategy to gain followers and turn them into raving fans.

Price $147 

ONLY 3 Spots Available Per Month. Fill Out the Form Below to Grab Yours.

phone showing the instagram app

Checkout a Few Testimonials

I just finished Samantha's month-long Instagram workshop, and let me tell you, this woman has some SKILLS! For months my followers count was totally stagnant, but over the course I've seen the count grow by about 50, my posts are attracting thousands of accounts, people are engaging in comments and stories, I am building relationships, my DMs are almost overwhelmingly full and I am able to promote my business in a whole new way. If you're on instagram and need some guidance this is sure to do the trick!!
Rebecca C.
Service: 30 Day IG Workshop
Samantha helped me BIG time to get a clear picture on what i need to be successful on Insta. What you dont know you don"t know but I know now :)! She made me understand its not hard i just need a strategy and she helped me with that. Im pretty sure "m going to work more with her in the future as she now is my "Insta" go to person.
Service: 75Min Strategy Call
I learned so much from taking Samantha's Instagram Strategy Workshop! I wasn't active on IG for a long time before joining her program, but I knew I wanted to add IG to my business for some more exposure. Not only did I take away great value from her, but I also had a nearly 15% increase in followers during the 30 days of the program! The best part of her program is that I will still have access to the information going forward - some of the things she taught were a little too advanced for me at this stage, but I know I can go back as I get more confident in IG to review and start implementing. This is a great program for those who already have the basics of IG down but want to take it to the next level. 100% worth it!
Jessica K.
Service: 30 Day WorkShop
If you are looking for a way to authentically grow your business while learning the building blocks of social media marketing, LOOK NO FURTHER!! I learned so much about engagement, branding, and how to "be present" for my audience. I am so grateful that I had this course to help me in my initial stages of growth! 💖
Rachele P
Service: 30 Day IG Workshop

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