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I've been much more consistent with the accountability and prompts. I feel more knowledgeable about writing content and interacting on IG. Great experience!
I really like the prompts, & engagement challenges. I have grown and I completed the first 10 challenges but fell off a bit during vacation. I saved the remaining prompts so I can use them for the next couple weeks.
If you haven't looked into the Instagram with Intent Challenge that Samantha offers... You need to like... NOW!!!! I jumped in on the challenge and on the FIRST DAY I had 10 accounts follow me. Real authentic accounts! I usually go to their account and look around (because I'm curious about who is following me ) and every single one of them was a real person, not a company or a group account. This woman knows what she is talking about and I am so grateful for her guidance!!! Samantha Phimmasone YOU ARE AMAZING!!!
Loved the prompts... super helpful. It was great to help me stay accountable and I actually liked having the weekend off unless I chose to post. I loved the zoom call and it was great that you answered all our questions.
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