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Considering working with me to help get your Instagram game on point?  

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Y’all this is CHRIS PRATT gooooood! It has been less than a month since I had my session with Sam and my numbers are steadily growing! WOOOT! But guess what? My consistency has paid off with my first customer purchase. She owns a sugaring spa and we follow each other on IG. Today after my appt she said it was time to set up her YL professional account!!! On top of that, I explained how Sam is a rockstar with all things IG and she wants to talk to her. I’m so blissfully excited!
Samantha was extremely helpful and professional in helping me take my Instagram account and business to the next level. Her vision and expertise are invaluable. Her 60 min audit class is a must have for anyone looking to brand themselves and grow their business!
Working with Samantha was an incredible and valuable experience. She is very knowledgeable about IG and had so many great ideas for me. I appreciate her authenticity and commitment to helping others grow and tell their own story. I’m very much looking forward to incorporating what I have learned and using it to grow and develop my brand and business.
I've been much more consistent with the accountability and prompts. I feel more knowledgeable about writing content and interacting on IG. Great experience!
I really like the prompts, & engagement challenges. I have grown and I completed the first 10 challenges but fell off a bit during vacation. I saved the remaining prompts so I can use them for the next couple weeks.
If you haven't looked into the Instagram with Intent Challenge that Samantha offers... You need to like... NOW!!!! I jumped in on the challenge and on the FIRST DAY I had 10 accounts follow me. Real authentic accounts! I usually go to their account and look around (because I'm curious about who is following me ) and every single one of them was a real person, not a company or a group account. This woman knows what she is talking about and I am so grateful for her guidance!!! Samantha Phimmasone YOU ARE AMAZING!!!
I had my 30 min call with Samantha on Friday talking about all things Instagram. It was really, really useful. I am already seeing an increased engagement in the form of more likes. I will keep building on the rest.
"I did an IG audit with Samantha and she is such a wealth of knowledge. She was able to help me focus in and fine tune my account so I can build my online community more each day. She explained IG analytics well, helping me see what I can gain from them. Samantha had great insight into my profile and 9-grid presentation and offered applicable tips and suggestions. She is very passionate about what she does and it shined through with our zoom call. I would highly recommend working with Samantha for all things social media and especially Instagram."
Working with Beautiful Blissful Chaos was one of the best business making decisions I have made to date. Her Instagram account audit not only taught me what I was doing wrong, but provided me so much insight into how my page should not only be set up to attract more people, but also how to get more engagement as well. From posts, stories, filters, bio set up, the differences between a personal and business account, and everything in between, I have learned so much to help grow my business. She even went above and beyond and helped me identify my brand identity, provided me custom hashtags (and how to use them properly), and reviewed my changes as I made them! She is one of the kindest and genuine people I have worked with and has inspired me on a whole different level. I will definitely refer her to everyone!!
Loved the prompts... super helpful. It was great to help me stay accountable and I actually liked having the weekend off unless I chose to post. I loved the zoom call and it was great that you answered all our questions.
Samantha's session gave me years of learning in an hour. Not only did she show me how to increase my stats, both with followers and engagement, but she gave me permission to be myself. Her success has come not only from clear strategies (which she laid out and customized specifically for my business) but also from being authentic and having fun. I walked away from our time together with the confidence that I could use the platform successfully and have a good time. I've taken several Instagram classes, and no one has explained this as clearly as she did. Thanks so much Samantha! It's only been a few days and I'm already seeing results!
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