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BE loving…pamper your home – to keep your stress level in check

I’m guessing many of us now feel more stress than we did say…a year ago.

Let’s face it; this last year has been pretty hard on us, our family’s, and our work.

Everything has changed from a year ago. And for many of us, we’ve had to learn how to adjust to being together in our homes 24/7.

As a Home Stager and Business Coach, I’ve heard plenty of distressing stories of how difficult it is to work, have school and live in our homes. Suddenly homes don’t support a family’s needs and actually add more stress.

So let’s take a poll, raise your hand if you:

  • feel overwhelmed by not having a quiet place to work, read, or just decompress.
  • struggle with overlapping schedules, like your kid’s Jr. High band zoom practice drowns out your staff meeting.
  • can’t keep up with the meal prep, housework, and never-ending piles of laundry that multiply daily.

Wouldn’t it be lovely to sprinkle fairy dust and wave a magic wand to have everything back to normal?

“Home is our personal retreat that supports and nourishes our soul.” – Kathy Fauth

The good news is that there are some things you can do right now to pamper your home, which will help keep your stress level in check.

Here are TEN TERRIFIC TIPS to “Be loving and pamper your home.”

  1. Cleaning and Clearing: Instead of one big cleaning day, chunk it up. Get in the habit of keeping floors and counters clear. Toss out those piles of stuff or anything that doesn’t have a home or has no use. When you use something, clean it. And to keep up, clean one room or area every day.
  2. Organize schedules and spaces to gain efficiency. Coordinate quiet times and practice times. Get creative and use other areas like outdoor spaces or common public areas. Then post those schedules in a place where everyone sees them.
  3. Enlist family members to contribute to household duties. Everyone can pitch in to make their beds and put away their clothes. Get creative with awards and special incentives that motivate them.
  4. Add colors that make you happy. If it’s in the budget, paint works wonders to freshen a room. If not, consider canvas art to add to serene areas while brightening other spaces.
  5. Create cozy areas with ambiance. Seek out unusual quiet nooks to get away from the loud areas. Places like closets, landings, balconies, or other unused areas are good choices. Kick up the comfort level with pillows, throws, and maybe a water feature.
  6. Add some nature into every room. Include unique jars with either rocks, shells, or sand. Pick flowers and add green plants. Switch these accessories with the seasons.
  7. Display inspirational quotes to add some positivity to your space. Add framed photos and artwork. Anything that personalizes a space will evoke treasured memories.
  8. Let the light shine in. Lighten your look and remove those old heavy pleated drapes. Add mini blinds for privacy. Most importantly – clean the windows.
  9. Remove things that don’t make you happy. Give yourself permission to toss out the ugly items gifted to you. Let go of the stress those items hold over you. It’s time to make that space your own.
  10. Love your home by investing in maintaining it. Keeping up with repairs and maintenance items gives you inner peace. Knowing that you are safe and secure and that everything works are definite ways to alleviate your stress level.

There are many ways to add nurturing spaces that will soothe your soul. Some of them are inexpensive, and others may require getting a loan. It’s up to you to assess your home and your comfort in investing in what you and your family would like.

My challenge is finding ways to be loving and pamper your home, family, and, most of all you.

As an added bonus, click here for a copy of my free “Love Your Home Again” Ebook.

Here’s to living the most abundant version of yourself in your cozy personal retreat!

Mindful Spaces LLC.

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