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Time & Choice Management

The number one thing I hear from the young women and mothers I coach is, “I don’t have the time” or “I don’t know where I would find the time”. When in reality, we all have the same 24 hours in a day… yes, even Beyoncé has the same 24 hours in a day that we do!

So why is it that some of us manage to achieve the things we set out to do, to reach our goals and live the life of our dreams, while others struggle through the days and weeks facing another birthday to still remain in the same place? The place where we feel lost in the chaos of life.

It comes down to time management, or what I like to call it, CHOICE management, because in reality, we simply cannot manage time. But we can manage what we choose to do with the time we have, and as I’ve stated above, we all have the same 24 hours in a day.

So how do we actually become more productive and efficient in our days and manage our choices better? Well… I believe a BIG part of it comes down to two of the 3P’s. But first, allow me to explain the 3P’s. The 3P’s make up one part of the four part IAM Coaching System. The 3P’s are Purposes, Passions, and Priorities. But for the sake of this topic we are going to briefly cover two of them, Purposes and Priorities.

I believe we are all here on this earth journeying through this life for purposes we were each uniquely created to live in and fulfill. Yes, YOU sister friend, I believe that YOU were uniquely created for a specific purpose! You’re not here by chance, and you are most certainly not a mistake! But I do find that more often than my heart can manage to hear, many women don’t have a clear understanding of their purposes and don’t know what gifts, talents, and strengths they bring to the table, nor do they fully understand how their experiences and even life’s setbacks have placed them in the exact place they’re meant to be to live them out. I am constantly in communication with young women and moms helping them to uncover these giftings and purposes, because by knowing and living in those purposes our lives become significantly easier to manage.

Our purposes help us to say yes to the right things, no to the wrong things, and help us to avoid Shiny Object Syndrome. Many times I see women and mothers becoming overwhelmed with life when they don’t know their purposes or they’ve managed to forget their priorities and instead focus on everything coming their way at once. The quickest way to reach burnout and give up on your goals is to try and do ALL THE THINGS. Knowing and living in our purposes also helps us to clearly define our priorities.

Priorities are not only those things that we choose to do based off living in our purposes, but they’re also the things that help guide us in the big picture of our lives and what matters, as well as help us manage the things we’re choosing to do in the season of life we’re living. Knowing our priorities helps us to list our family, business, faith, and health high on the never ending list of todo’s (if those are the things we hold as priorities in life). Knowing our priorities also helps us to ensure that were making the best choices for the season we’re living in. A good example of this might be waiting to learn piano when your child begins piano lessons instead of attempting to pick up this new skill in the season of young motherhood while you have an infant you’re learning to care for.

Once you know what your purposes and priorities are, your ability to create a vision to live the life of your dreams, clearly identify your goals, and manage your time effectively and efficiently greatly increases.

If you want to live an Intentionally Abundant Life, you have to first understand your Purposes and Priorities.

Sasha Star Robertson is the founder of The Intentional Abundance Community on Facebook, Intentional Living & Purpose Coach for Moms, and Creator of the Intentional Abundance Life & Goals Planner *coming soon. Sasha is on a mission to empower other women by elevating them to living an abundant life in their unique giftings and purposes.

@SashaStarRobertson on Facebook & IG

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