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Manifesting During a Pandemic: Unreal or Divine?

If you’re a big dreamer like me, I’m sure you’re tired of hearing “We’re in the middle of a pandemic, get real!” 

While a sassy response is always fun, I prefer one grounded in truth – “I am being real. The Law of Attraction is not under lockdown. Neither is your mind.” 

Let me first say, the global pandemic is very real and many have lost their lives, loved ones, and livelihoods. That is not something to take lightly and my heart goes out to everyone affected. 

Now it’s time to get divine. While these tragedies persist, the Universe has not changed. The Law of Attraction, which is the foundation of manifesting is and always has been in effect. 

What has changed, are our expectations. 

Unreal Expectations

When life was “normal”, it was easy to digest the idea that there is abundance on this planet for all. We set our intentions and expected to see them materialize. Surprise surprise, they did! (because that’s how this thing works)

Now that our regular routines have been shaken up, so have our beliefs. Seeing so many lose jobs, we no longer expect financial miracles. Watching relationships crumble and singles isolated, we no longer believe in finding love. The list goes on but let’s observe what’s happening here. 

Our divine power to manifest has not been reduced by the pandemic. Instead, we have reduced our expectations of the Universe to meet our needs. 

Thoughts are Things

The problem with lowering your expectations is that it actually changes the frequency of your thoughts. We know that our thoughts are magnetic and attract things, people & experiences in kind. So what happens when you stop believing you can have what you want? 

You stop getting what you want. 

Remember, the Universe is simply responding to the dominant thought waves we send out. When we focus on lack and what seems impossible at this time, we’re giving the Universe nothing to work with but negativity. Sadly, all we can then manifest is more negativity. 

Divine Focus

A few weeks into our first NYC lockdown, I realized that the inundation of bad news and widespread fear was invading my thoughts and destroying my high vibration. I started to feel anxiety around the uknown and depressed by the state of things. 

How did this happen? I stopped reflecting on deep, universal truths. I had given up relying on my faith to carry me through. 

Essentially I became mentally trapped in the world and took my focus off of the divine.

Remember the Truth

It’s easy to get caught up in the frenzy of what everyone else is losing. Our task during this time is to remember what we know to be true. 

We know that the Universe has our back and wants us to live as our highest self. We know that when we believe our intentions, and get into alignment with them that they manifest. We know that it is possible to manifest even in trying times. 

Look back on your life and think about times that you have made a way out of no way. Times that success seemed so unlikely but you made it happen anyway. Times that blessings seemed to come to you out of nowhere, when others were not receiving. 

When you do this, you will be pleasantly reminded of the power of the divine. You will be reminded of some core truths that we can cling to right now. Doing so, you will return to the frequency required to keep manifesting! 

Prove it to Yourself

After feeling frazzled for the first few weeks of the pandemic starting, I committed to being still and sticking to what I know. I wrote down my deepest desires and made a vision board even though people said it was futile. I spoke to my inner circle about my dreams, lavishing in the thoughts of how great it would be to achieve them. Want to know what happened? 

In 2020, I manifested a new job role. Connections came out of nowhere for my business, helping it flourish. The luxury car of my recent dreams made it to my driveway. My love life was refreshed in a way I never thought possible. 

Why? The simple act of belief. It’s small, but it’s divine. I encourage you to continue dreaming, believing and manifesting because you CAN! 

Love & light,

Nikki Valentine

Nikki Valentine

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