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The Power of Storytelling

What is the most memorable kind of communication?


A good old-fashioned story, inspirational stories, stories of transformations and life-changing revelations? Of course! Whether it’s through hieroglyphics, parables, fairy tales, or fables, a good story is the deepest way to connect the mind to the soul.


Storytelling is a cherished tradition and an entertaining and effective way to convey information about almost any subject. 


Walk in any classroom and you’ll find teachers educating their students with stories. Walk into a major corporation and you’ll find a high-profile CEO expressing thoughts, opinions, and facts to their employees with stories. Wherever you go, storytelling is a powerful means of communication.


Why Should We Tell Stories?


Storytelling is also an art! It helps us to share about who we are, as an individual, as a whole! 


Each one of us have stories to share. Something that can inspire and motivate others or help other people learn from our stories of the ups and downs in life.


It’s been discovered that each of us has a desire, and perhaps even a need, to tell and hear stories. In today’s world, storytelling is valuable for branding, building a tribe and running a profitable business!


By sharing stories with others, and indulging in their stories, we learn to understand one another at a much deeper level. By creating a common level of understanding, we come together as a community of individuals – appreciating both the differences and similarities we share.


You can convey your thoughts, feelings, and experiences through stories. By doing so, you’re verbally expressing the thing you value, the customs you take part in, and the wisdom you’ve acquired in life.


Have you ever felt that you didn’t have anything interesting to share? Have you ever wished that you could grip audiences with the power of a good story?


If so, you’ll be happy to know that there are many stories within you, just waiting to be told! And by becoming a better storyteller, you can overcome feelings of isolation and develop a stronger connection with others.


Steps to Becoming a Great Storyteller


Even if you’ve never told a story in your life, you can become a great storyteller! With a little effort and practice, your storytelling skills will improve, and people will be drawn to what you have to say.


Here are 3 important techniques you can use tell great stories:

  1. Share experiences – our experiences change us, usually in positive ways. To a certain extent, we grow and adjust every single day. Share your stories to build authentic connections.
  • Authentic leadership – Embrace your authentic self!
  • Transparency – Be transparent and encourage the same across the board.
  • Engagement – Practice meaningful engagement by taking your clients on a journey with you, as often as you can. 


2. Know your three essential steps: 

  • A pitch – Give an attention-grabbing introduction to your story that gives a clarity on what transformation can the readers/listeners achieve? The idea is to focus on the practical and achievable outcomes.


  • Your story – Consider this as writing a drama script. Begin with a broader picture with expressions that describes a time period and characters. Continue the story building anticipation, interruptions and crisis. As the tension builds, the hero arrives and there’s an ending. 


  • A CTA – A call to action is simply what you want your viewers or listeners to do at the end of your storytelling. If this is a website, you can insert a link where you want to drive traffic. If on social media, certain expressions such as, ‘learn more’, ‘comment below’, ‘what about you’ would catch their attention and encourage them to engage. A really popular one is DM (direct message) me, especially for small businesses and entrepreneurs! Remember to make it an action-based prompt, easy and simple to do. Most importantly, do not have more than one CTA to avoid conflicting messages. 

3.  Learn to be your and others cheerleader: 

Accepting of self: Give yourself props for becoming the person you strive to be because who you are is always reflected in the way you connect with others.

Accepting of others: Take note of others, their feedback and acknowledge ideas because you want to be appreciative and humble. 


Yes, it will take some work, mindfulness, and diligence to polish your story and articulate them to inspire and influence others. However, only you have the power to turn your stories as the most powerful tool to connect with the community you desire. 


All it takes is practice and consistency!


To learn more about how to discover and develop your strengths to become a powerful storyteller, visit 

Anjana Regmi


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