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Three Incredible Herbs You’ll Want to Add to Your Life

Herbs are incredibly powerful both for our bodies and minds. They have been used since the beginning of time and were the only way to heal before traditional medicine came into practice. Herbs are usually very easy to find and incorporate into our lives, and by doing so, you might feel like a whole new person. Here are three simple herbs you’ll want to add to your life!

3 Powerful Herbs

It is important to state that while I mention some things these three herbs may help with, I am not a doctor and don’t claim that these will help you. Herbs work great for some while doing different things for others. Because everyone is different and has their own needs, you might want to try these and see if they can help you.

These herbs are easy and fun to add to your life. Each can be in meals, so your typical meals will get an upgrade when you toss some of these in as well! They are easily accessible at the stores, or you can even grow your own in your garden. I grow each of these in my apartment in pots and still get a lovely crop from each plant.

Holy Basil

Basil is a pretty well-known herb, especially in the kitchen. While basil and holy basil come from the same mint family, they are two different herbs. Holy basil is sweeter and can have additional benefits than regular basil.

Holy basil is amazing for stress and helping your body remain calm over time. It also has properties to help support liver health. Other studies have shown that it can also help to lower blood sugar levels.

One way to use holy basil is actually in a liquid tincture. My favorite use for this herb is for brain health and cognitive clarity. Holy basil works best over an extended period and when paired with other herbs. For example, if you want the benefits of reducing your stress, pair with lavender or ashwagandha.


Ginger might be a harder one to incorporate into your life because some people don’t like ginger’s taste. It is a very powerful herb, nonetheless. Many people know ginger as helping with nausea, especially during the first trimester of pregnancy. It is also an excellent herb for digestion in general.

Ginger can also aid in overall wellness and helping us to stay healthy. Ginger tea is a more common way to use it to get the daily benefits. My favorite is to put some ginger, lemon, and honey into my tea. We also sprinkle some in with our stir-fries, egg roll in a bowl, and of course, ginger chicken.

Similar to a lot of different herbs, ginger has incredible levels of antioxidants. With those antioxidants, it also has anti-inflammatory properties to help reduce the change of chronic pain. Along with pomegranates and other berries, ginger is one of the foods with the highest antioxidants levels.


Rosemary is found all over the Mediterranean region. Most of the time, you will find rosemary as an added spice in certain foods. You can use rosemary as an essential oil, tea, or in some liquid extract.

There are many health benefits associated with rosemary as well. It has anti-inflammatory properties and high in antioxidants, which is why it is excellent in foods. It is so easy to incorporate into foods. I have found myself pouring it into almost every dish and love the taste and added benefits.

Rosemary also helps with cognition functions, including helping you be more alert and focused. Many find it helpful to diffuse while studying as it helps them concentrate and eases some tension headaches. It may help to alleviate your stress and clear your mind as well.

Some other potential benefits of rosemary include:

  • Hair growth
  • Help with dry scalp
  • Aid digestion
  • Fight bacteria

Herbs can be a powerful aid in our wellness toolbox. Try to incorporate these three into your life daily and reap the amazing benefits. You’ll see how easily you can add them into your life and how beneficial they are to your body and wellbeing.


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