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Making healthy choices

Berkey, what the heck is that?

What the heck is a Berkey? That was pretty much my thought when I started hearing recommendations for this big water filter tank contraption. But my interest was piqued because for several years, my family had been fighting the bottled water battle since we gave up on tap water.

Berkey water filter on a counter

I’m not a scientist, y’all, so I won’t claim to be an expert on what water is safe and what water isn’t. That’s kind of the problem, right? It’s so overwhelming trying to keep up with what’s safe and healthy. It’s bad enough when you’re just trying to take care of yourself, but when you’re making all the choices for helpless little people, it’s at a whole other level.

When I became a parent, my thought process went more and more to considering the things we were putting into our bodies, and especially what I was putting into my child’s body. And that led to the question of water.

There’s so much contradictory info out there! Sometimes the local water is safe, but the pipes are bad. Sometimes the pipes are safe, but the local water processing isn’t taking care of business right. You can get your water tested, but what for, and how often? And those tests can be expensive. What’s a busy mama to do?!

So we made the switch to filtered water. We would use filtered water containers, but they were so small that I would run out and have to refill like five times a day, which was super annoying. That meant we would end up with cases of bottled water. Obviously, that adds up quick, takes up space, you’re drinking water out of plastic that might not be safe for long-term water storage, and it’s wasteful and bad for the environment.

Plus some kinds of bottled water aren’t any safer than tap water, and others are basically just bottled tap water anyway, so then there’s MORE research to figure out which ones. Is there NO END to the research, the overwhelming confusion, and the mom guilt, y’all?

So we needed a better solution, and after almost a DECADE, I found one that works for me. I guess that means it’s time to actually answer the question, what the heck IS a Berkey, anyway?

It’s a type of gravity water filter, which means it has an upper tank, where you pour in the tap water, and then gravity pulls the water down through a filter into a lower tank with a tap (like a little keg! 😝). The whole thing is a big silver tank that sits on your counter. Bonus, the container keeps it pretty cool – not as cold as a refrigerator, but pleasant!

I’d been hearing about the Berkey for years before I got serious about buying one about a year ago. To figure out whether it was worth it, the personal reviews I got from people I know made the biggest difference, but I also watched a bunch of YouTube video reviews and really liked this one. On their website, Berkey explains what their filters remove.

It has been an awesome investment for my family because it saves money and it’s way more efficient. (This isn’t sponsored, y’all, Berkey has no idea who I am! 🤷) And OK, I’ll admit, we still occasionally have cases of bottled water here and there because we’re not perfect, we’re human. And that’s what it’s all about, you know? That balance that works for YOUR lifestyle.

What’s a problem that bugged you for years and the solution that worked for you? Let me know in the comments!


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  • Jama Moleski December 8, 2020 at 2:13 am

    outstanding article

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