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How to feel well-rested, awake and activated every day and stop feeling exhausted from morning to night….

What if I told you that you could improve your energy and feel good about how much you’ve done each day? It may seem like a pipe dream but I can tell you that it is possible. If you implement even a few of the strategies I’m going to share with you, this will be your reality sooner than you think!

These 5 practices will help you to restore your energy and sustain it going forward.

Sleep, food, rest, movement, and mindset are the five holistic pillars of sustainable energy that will last all day and evening long through all the transitions and the #mombossmarathons of your day.  This type of energy will allow you to get to the kids’ bedtime and still have the energy for your nighttime ritual of self-care before sleep.

Let’s get started, mama!

1) Sleep

Sleep is your “nighttime nutrition”. It’s the fuel that nourishes and heals you overnight. It’s the less exciting form of nutrition but I promise you that when you nail your sleep, your days will become that much brighter and balanced.

In order to have the full dose of this nourishment, sleeping for optimal energy is so important. This will include what you do during the day (see “Rest” below) and how you prepare for your sleep. Sleep prep is just as important as meal prep to ensure that you’re not missing out on any part of the multi-course meal of sleep. You can begin to prep your sleep with a personalized nighttime ritual that checks all the boxes for self-care and deep relaxation.

2) Food

Food is your “daytime nutrition”. Do you know how to eat for optimal energy? It starts by knowing how you digest certain foods and getting to know your personal relationship with food. Food is such a huge topic and it’s not just about the food on your plate but also about your thoughts, feelings, history, struggles, and pleasures with food.

Once you know how you relate to and digest your food, you can start to look at when and how you’re eating. This is where it’s truly possible to extract as many nutrients as possible from your food.

This includes staying hydrated, chewing your food as thoroughly as possible, and choosing when you eat certain foods. For example, if carbs make you feel sleepy then you want to eat carb-heavy foods later in the day from the afternoon snack into the evening meal. This will have the double effect of not interfering with your daytime productivity but it will also encourage you to feel sleepy at the appropriate time, before your bedtime. The golden rule is to include abundant amounts of whole foods, with a veggie-heavy focus in every meal and always include some protein, some healthy fats, and a small amount of fermented food or drink (ie sauerkraut, water kefir, etc.).

3) Rest

I love sharing how to rest for optimal energy. Our bodies are programmed to have an energy slump in the early afternoon. Resting strategically is going to help you to reduce that feeling and it’s going to help you sleep better at night.

That’s why I recommend cultivating a midday rest ritual to all my clients. Depending on your specific energy and eating habits, it can be done in one part or two parts. Let me explain. In order to have energy after the midday meal, you need to rest and digest to access as many nutrients as possible from your food. Doing this has magical powers for energy. It puts the digestive system in an optimal state to receive and process the plate of whole foods we provide it.

This rest session can be accomplished by 10 minutes of lying down on the couch/yoga mat with your eyes closed or sitting for mindfulness,  guided or mantra meditation.

If you still feel a slump after lunch, then you can go ahead and lie down again after lunch to rest after digesting. The more that you invest in these rest sessions, the more you’ll find that your energy reserves increase and intensify and you won’t need that second rest session as often.

4) Movement

Movement, like each of these practices, has a holistic effect on other areas of your life. The daily movement will help get your energy flowing. It’s also a great way to wake up your body at the start of each day. This is one of those daytime habits that will really positively affect your sleep quality at night.

Find the form of movement that you enjoy and can easily incorporate into your morning ritual every single day. You don’t have to do more than 5 minutes because it’s about embodying the intention of awakening your whole being versus getting an intense workout once a week.

5) Mindset

It may sound counterintuitive but accessing your next-level energy includes mastering your mindset for both fatigue and energy. Fatigue and energy are interconnected and both need to be respected for optimal energy to be available to you.

The mindset around fatigue includes:
  • knowing that it is normal to feel tired at specific and strategic times of day and night
  • knowing how to see the feeling of fatigue as a signal from your body to rest
  • giving yourself permission to honor and tend to fatigue at those times every single day
  • knowing that even when you’re accessing your optimal energy, fatigue is still going to be there and it’s actually what will help you the most in your efforts to optimize your energy
  • believing that shifting your fatigue is in your own hands
The mindset around energy includes:
  • observing and tending to your thoughts and feelings about your energy without judgment or guilt
  • investing in daily practices for tuning into your holistic nourishment from the inside out and from the outside in, even when you don’t feel like it
  • empowering yourself out of exhaustion includes shifting out of the #mombie identity of mom fatigue, low energy and sleepless nights as a boss mom
  • taking full responsibility for your energy to unlock massive amounts of energy

Holistic nourishment includes all of the ways that we nourish ourselves from the outside in and from the inside out. It is possible to eat, sleep, rest, move, and think for optimal energy and all these actions are required to wake up every day and stay in your next-level energy. If you’re curious about how this could work for you, I would encourage you to connect with holistic health coaches online or locally and get curious about what your own next-level energy looks like. Your unique energy fingerprint will be enhanced and you will embody your highest energy every day.

**Alexandra is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach helping mompreneurs glow with next-level energy to support their business and family with more to spare for their self-care. She uses the powerful tools of sleep, food, and play to allow her clients to transform their energy so that they can be present moms, powerful business owners, and playful partners. She supports her clients through private coaching, online courses, local workshops, and her Facebook group That Mompreneur Glow. You can find her on Instagram @theglowinghealthcoach and for more in-depth help on curating your most glowing night of sleep, you can download her free ebook on mompreneur sleep here:



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