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Quote New Year. Same Me because I am already fabulous

New Year, New Direction…Still the Same Me!

Hello, 2020!

New Year. New Excitement. New Direction, still the same old me. Saying goodbye to fear for 2020…

During the creation of Beautiful Blissful Chaos, I always knew I wanted my brand to be an overall lifestyle brand. To create content and connect with other busy, working moms. Somehow what I wanted lost out to my fears.

Most of you know me for helping other entrepreneurs understand Instagram for business. I love the platform. I enjoy teaching it. I thrive watching business owners take control of the platform and remove the intimidation factor many experiences. However, as much as I love it, I felt something was missing. What I realized was missing; was me. I had somehow put myself into a box and no longer felt fulfilled. When I had my “ah-ha” moment, I had to take a hard look at myself, and I realized I had created a business I loved, but I am not headed in the long term direction I wanted.

I had let the fear of judgment override my instincts. I knew what I wanted years ago, but worried too much about what others would think if I put myself out there. It’s a new year, and I am tossing away fear and trying to release its control to create the content and business I desire.

Be prepared for more content on this site focusing on lifestyle, mom life, and entrepreneurship, not just Instagram. I hope to build a community that is a judgment-free zone. Share experiences, talk about uncomfortable topics. Build a table where others feel like they have a place to sit. I plan to be transparent and openly share my successes as well as failures. So others who are traveling their journey realize that they aren’t alone. Too many times, we as women, mothers, entrepreneurs stay silent because we think no one is listening when, in reality, we are surrounded by others who are also struggling in silence.

Not any more ladies…cause I am about to put it all out there even when it isn’t all that pretty. I hope you fall in love with the community I am building and stick around for the ride cause I am sure as fun as it will be, it is also going to be a shit show.



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Welcome to my little corner of the online world! Looking for help with Instagram or a place to have a good laugh about life and keeping it real. You my friend, have found the right spot. Grab your wine, get comfy and welcome to the Beautiful Blissful Chaos Insider’s Community. Read More