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Life Isn’t Always Wrapped Up Beautifully…


This week we are all gearing up into the holiday season. Shopping, parties, tons of food, surrounded by friends and family. However, I am going to ask you to do one thing today and remember it throughout the next several weeks. Hell, remember it forever.

Stop and look at your surrounds and take it ALL in. Absorb the chaos, take in the exhaustion, take in everything. Enjoy all the moments, not just the joyful ones…why? Because you aren’t guaranteed any of it. I was reminded of it last night when a friend was doing something “ordinary” like driving with her family and her life has changed forever within seconds.

She is now a widow. She is now fighting for the life of your oldest child. The pain she is enduring is something I can’t even fathom.

As we start to gather with our friends and family, remember to open your heart and cherish every second. Think you are too fat to have your picture taken? Get in the damn picture, no one cares your size they care that you are there! One a diet? It’s one meal, eat the damn feast and savor each bite. Don’t like cranky Aunt Margret? Who cares, say hello anyway and move along.

Days aren’t promised to us like we assume they are. Each minute we take a breath we are blessed. So remember to take in each moment you are given, good or bad with a grateful heart.


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