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When Did “Self” Start to Come Before “Service”?

As entrepreneurs, we are in a business of providing an answer to someone’s problems.

One of the trends I am unfortunately seeing is people skipping to provide value and going straight for the sale. I get it, I really do.  We all need sales to sustain our business, however, when you are no longer leading with a heart to serve and help and more to pad your account something within the entrepreneur spirit is lost.

We began our business to help others.  I often see in many online groups where individuals are asking for help.  Not to take away and expect everything for free, but a place to be guided to learn more.  Better yet, a place to find an expert within a field and watch them in action.  Building that ever needed “know, like, trust” factor. Often I see individuals asking for guidance and people responding not with an answer to the question but “come check out this” or “DM me”.  Why is it so hard to answer the question showing that you have the ability and knowledge to answer then leading them to a place where they can continue to be nurtured?

If you want that sale, put yourself in that potential customer’s shoes. Help them and let them discover how amazing you are at your skillset. In other words, stop leading with a sale pitch and watch the sales roll in.



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